Wednesday, 27 May 2015

driving update

so I am on my 7th driving lesson and things seem to be going well ( i haven't crashed so i think thats a plus). I'm still having really bad anxiety the day and night before a lesson but I'm doing it, I get in that car and i drive...

my paranoia isn't to bad until I realise what I'm doing and that other people can see, which happens now and then and every time I have to stop at traffic lights, which lucky hasn't been to often.

Im quite happy with my progress so far but being a perfectionist makes it difficult for me to accept anything less than perfect from myself.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The thing about....anxiety

The thing with anxiety is even when you're happy or comfortable with something, it's still there, it's still offering unhealthy and harmful thoughts, still nudging the back of your mind, it doesn't let you forget.
It wants to be felt, it wants you to know.

I am getting better with correcting these thoughts and trying to stop them before they escalate, but it's still a struggle.