Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Anxiety the killer

Anxiety is a killer, it causes so much pain and destruction.
   It kills your confidence and self esteem, it kills your happiness, it kills your hobbies. 

It takes it all and at this point in my life it's killing me.
  I have yet to find my fight, I'm trying but anyone who suffers with anxiety will tell you, it's hard.
It's hard to ask for help when you have an anxiety attack just at the thought of leaving the house or making a phone call or talking to someone you don't know.

  Family and friends are so important when you suffer with anxiety because they are/ can be your first port of call and I know from experience it's not easy, they might not understand but they love you and want you to be happy so they can help you get help.

Now at this point a lot of people with anxiety will go 
     " yeah um but..."
      " what if...."
And might say they feel like a burden and they don't want to cause any problems....well STOP !

  I know you might not believe me but I'm telling you.
   You are not a burden!
You may also think it's not that bad or others have it worse so why should you complain..if something is causing you problems and/or feel bad and not letting you live your life the way you have every right too then it is fucking important!

And please never feel like it's only anxiety if you have this symptom or suffer that way. If you're having a problem get help. You're loved sand things will get better. 

   We'll get through this. 

Image from Tumblr