Monday, 16 June 2014

Pet sitting

So this past week I have been pet and house sitting for friends while they went to Download (can you feel the jealousy seeping out of me) and during this week I realised..

I rely waaaayy to much on the internet to get me through a day. This may come across silly as I'm writing this on the internet, but what I mean is I seem to have forgotten what I used to do, like read and write, paint, excersise, anything....suddenly all I know is YouTube, tumblr and weheartit. 

Connecting with people is what helps us learn and inspires us to be creative and unique.

Animals are amazing, the way both us and them have found ways to communicate between species is fascinating.

Also I have amazing friends and a phenomenal family.

So remember to tell those who matter to you, you love them.
Love and respect animals and they will reciprocate. 
You are loved.

I hope you have a great week.