Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Arrgghh! Moving is stressful. Packing everything and making sure it's lableled, throwing away rubbish. 

Now this is just the start for us as we are currently living in a rented house that came furnished, so we don't own any furniture minus one single bed and a bookcase.

So now we're trying to find somewhere to live, find furniture, and a bunch of other complicated stuff.

Our saviour ? 
White boards and dry wipe markers! 
This one is from sports direct ( ) and is £1.50 (can you say bargain).
It's magnetic, wipe clean and comes with a magnetic dry wipe pen.

You can also get ones that you hang on a wall, but I can't even express how much this has come in handy not just for moving but for everyday things too. 
We put shopping lists, important events and just notes to one another on it.

I highly recommend investing in on or look out for my diy post on making a cool one yourself :) 

I hope the week goes well.
Peace and love