Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Driving update 2

So I'm about 13 ish ( I lost count) lessons in and not much has changed. I'm still having really bad anxiety and panic attacks the day and night before and the morning of, but I still get in the car and drive.

I no longer want my instructor to do it all for me as I know I am capable but I still vibrate with anxiety the whole time. (Interesting choice of words me)

We have been talking theory and practical tests which brings a whole different level of panic which sucks but it's something i'll have to deal with eventually, not that knowing that makes it any easy if anything knowing that I have to face it makes it worse.

I don't get as paranoid at traffic lights, ok maybe I do I'm just better at accepting it than before because I do feel slightly more confident than last time I updated. (yay things are looking up)

I'll update again in a few weeks or sooner if anything changes.

In the mean time, if anyone actually reads this and has any advice or idea to help or even a story to share about their experiences, please let me know.