Friday, 24 July 2015

My laser tattoo removal experience

Day 1
This morning at 11am I had my first laser tattoo removal session at a local clinic.
It took a while for me to chose this clinic and I looked around, checked reviews, and settled on this one, I booked a consultation, the people were nice, the building was clean, the technician was honest and to the point, yet friendly and welcoming.

I went home and spoke with my mum about it and we decided this was the one. we booked my first session and now here we are.

I'll start with a bit about my tattoo, its sheet music on my lower arm on the outside, very poorly done, was already very faded, only about a year old, terrible scratcher job.

My first session, I arrived just before my appointment this morning, was seen too and taken to the room almost immediately. The technician sat down and went over all the important information with me and the moved me to the bed. I sat on a chair with my arm on the bed, had a photo of the tattoo taken and she explain exactly what she was going to do, gave me my googles asked if I was ready, I said yes and she started.

The pain. The pain was apparent but not intolerable, I had to think to talk through it, but I could still talk. The procedure barely took 5 minutes so the pain didn't last long either. The technician the applied aloe vera gel wrapped me up and I was headed out the door again. I was in the building for about 15 minutes maximum.

5 hours on and I'm feeling good, slight tingling sensation and some swelling but I'm not in pain or uncomfortable in anyway.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience, I'm impressed with the everything I've experienced so far, I will update again in 7 days to see how things have been.